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...and I am glad you arrived here. Let me briefly describe myself. I am a humble person (as well as a Tuk Tuk driver) that offers ethical and sustainable tourism travels around Angkor Wat and Siem Riep. I live in Siem Riep and know the area very well; from Siem Riep to Angkor Wat in Tuk Tuk. I offer either scheduled or personalized tours and I can drive you around Angkor Wat the way I know it or I can also do the route you prefer. Safe and sound!

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About meP&I School Project

'P&I School' Education for Cambodian children

P&I School is a project that wants to give unresourced Cambodian children the chance to have education and learn English. After some difficulties we are proud to announce that we have created 2 schools for children within 3-10 year range. We do not only teach them english but also provide them food. We want to keep growing and create more schools in Siem Riep for Cambodian children.

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